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I’m a business leader and technology entrepreneur with a passion for building commercially successful products. While I enjoy expansive and strategic thinking, I’m a pragmatist when it comes to investing capital in new ideas. Nothing builds a company’s culture better than a series of successive wins.

Some leaders are good at making companies operationally efficient in order to maximize return on capital. Others are good at driving sales by taking existing products into new markets. I’ve proven myself to be good at recognizing the ebb and flow of markets, glimpsing what the next (adjacent) generation product or service is likely to be, and developing solutions to serve that demand. In my experience, this is the nexus where creativity, value to customers and capital efficiency are each maximized.

I’ve guided teams in the design, development and deployment of mobile digital products for a variety of industries, including healthcare, public safety, government and high-risk industries like aviation and logistics. A common theme in my work is creating products that serve an important human need, and attempt to serve it well.

In recent years I’ve focused on creating mobile decision support tools for the healthcare industry, where avoidable human error continues to impair the quality and cost of patient care. The success metric in this domain is the number of lives saved, which is profoundly rewarding.

My approach to product design is human centered and culturally aligned, taking users toward imagined and unimagined capabilities. To do this efficiently I created a branch of lean methodology I call rapid reductionism, which distills ideation into semantic and syntactic silos, dissolves complexity to reveal the first product, and involves influential users in prototyping and product evangelism.

This facilitates the rapid delivery of an MVP that hits the mark. Teams enjoy this process for the clarity it brings and for the excitement it creates around the work we’re doing. I have used this approach in start-ups and in larger enterprises with equal success.

I enjoy working with companies at any stage of their evolution. Whether conceptual, pre-launch, tractioning, on a growth arc or defending a market position, each stage offers exciting possibilities for developing and delivering high-value digital products that serve an important need. The transformational power of technology excites and inspires my work, and I crave the rush of realizing things once imagined. This is what I love to do.

Beyond my business activities, I’m an ardent supporter of children’s causes and arts education programs. I am struck by the fact that the generation of people who designed our prized mobile devices had access to art programs in school.  They were experiences that forged their creativity. Many children in public schools today do not, and we now have a generation of kids who are at risk of not understanding the joys of experimentation, free thinking and discovery. Therefore, I use a portion of my time, talent and resources to help change this.

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